Pulp: The Beat is the Law – A film about the band Pulp's rise to mid-90's Britpop glory out of Margaret Thatcher's turbulent 80's

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“Terrific” – Four Star Time Out London review

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Time Out London review

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“…stories, both musical and political, are captured with great power…”

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

I, me, mine: Sheffield’s rock outcrop and the pit dispute

Author: Simon Warner

“Any British cities possess a distinctive musical character but few have seen their rock’n’roll evolution shaped so profoundly by the prevailing political climate as Sheffield’s was during the early 1980s as the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire took on the might of Thatcherite Whitehall…”

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“…expertly puts Sheffield back at the forefront of the great musical adventure …” John Robb

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

John Robb was in the audience at the Sensoria preview and he was moved to write about it …
“For far too long Sheffield’s fascinating post punk underground has been brushed aside in favour of other city’s stories. This film sets the record straight and expertly reminds us over the city’s distinctive gritty flavour from the quirky smart pop of Pulp to the electro funkateer hipness of the late and great Chakk to the genius skronk of The Box as well as countless other groups have great stories to tell in a city that created its very own distinctive sound in the late seventies. Already known for its hip smart pop from the Human League and ABC the film collects all the other renegades who took the mish mash of ideas in post punk from funk to fractured post punk and created their own distinctive sound that reflected a city on the brink. Filmed in documentary style and with some great interviews with the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley and Mark Brydon, the film expertly ties up all the loose ends and puts Sheffield back at the forefront of the great musical adventure in the fallout of punk till the rise of Britpop – a time when bands went out on a limb and the only rule was that there were no rules…oh and it also comes with a great soundtrack.”

JOHN ROBB – Music journalist/TV presenter/musician


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