Pulp: The Beat is the Law – A film about the band Pulp's rise to mid-90's Britpop glory out of Margaret Thatcher's turbulent 80's



Lynne + Steven Colton: Miners Strike – Battle of Orgreave
portrait-29437311 Nick Cope: Wicker sequence/Sheffield Race Riots rally
Richard Hines: Miners Strike
Steve Jinks: The Leadmill/Sheffield city/Thatcher’s dead
Jackie Jones: Opening sequence Park Hill
John Keenan: ClockDVA 4Hours Futurama
Richard H Kirk: Sweet Exorcist video
clockdvalogoAdi Newton: Clock DVA – PTI Leadmill performance + The Hacker
hulalogoNort: Hula – Freeze Out video
Parrot: Funky Worm video/ Sweet Exorcist video
Tony Rayner: Pulp Leadmill footage 1991
Russell Senior: Pulp ‘Lost Tape’

stevlorStevlor: Longpigs Rehearsal footage 1993
Sunrise: Rave Party  – Sunrise footage 1988
Tresor Berlin: Rave club
Mark Webber: Pulp home movies
Gary Wraith: Chakk/ The Box
Anima Berten: Wicker sequence


trust-skull_sm Martin Bedford: Leadmill Posters/Cabaret Voltaire/ Sheffield City/Treebound Story
bocking_sm David Bocking: Pulp/FON/Forgemasters/WARP
xtraxlondon.com Chakk photos © 2009 Alan Cross www.xtraxlondon.com
cumminsKevin Cummins: Tony Wilson/ Happy Mondays
Jarvis_kesSteve Double: Jarvis ‘Kes’ image
grint_sm Ken Grint: Miners
phill_sm Pete Hill: Pulp
klang_sm Karl Lang: Pulp/punks/Longpigs/Winston
Sean McManus: Babybird
Mrs Mitchell: FON shop

shakeshaft_sm Martin Shakeshaft: Miners Strike/ Thatcher
stevlorStevlor: Longpigs/ Richard Hawley
Barbara Wasiak estate: Chakk/ FON/Parrot

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Archipelago Gallery
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Digital Entrepreneurs
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Rob Barker
: endless enthusiasm and social skills
Martin Lilleker
: sheffield music scene info and sounding board.
Ralph Razor
: invaluable support and Djing.
Sensoria : crucial test screening
Mark Sturdy: valuable Pulp info
Martyn Ware: Thanks for always believing in us.
Phil Wolstenholme: incredible artwork – how do you do it??


Urban Splash: Main donator

University Of Sheffield: Sponsor

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Human: early design work for sponsorship event and support getting going. Big thanks to Nick Bax
Creative Sheffield: Believing in the project. Thanks Brendan.
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A Film by Eve Wood

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