Pulp: The Beat is the Law – A film about the band Pulp's rise to mid-90's Britpop glory out of Margaret Thatcher's turbulent 80's



Ian Anderson - Designers Republic no one sat down and said “right, I’ve got an idea for a recording studio and here is a business plan.”

Nick Banks – Pulp “The dole  culture of Thatcher’s Britain was perhaps a great supporter of the arts”

Nick Bax – Designers Republic “all we’d listened to was dance music and not had an interest in anything that involved guitars”

Martin Bedford – Leadmill Founder “Thatcher gave lots of people something to fight against”

Mark Brydon – Hula, Chakk, FON, Moloko  “he paid us in amphetamines and then we had to drive home”

Dee Boyle – Cabaret Voltaire, Chakk, FON, Longpigs “thanks for the money but we are gonna do what we want with it”

Jarvis Cocker – Pulp “To be in a band in the mid eighties you should have had ‘loser’ tattooed on your head”

Charlie Collins – Clock DVA, The Box “they burnt the whole of the floor out of our rehearsal room”

Candida Doyle – Pulp “you’d think ‘oh god I’m having a dizzy fit’ and then realised it was actually the building shaking”

Jake Harries – Chakk, FON “Building the studio actually meant ordering all the cement and the breezeblocks and the bricks and the wood”

Richard Hawley – Treebound Story, Longpigs “what the fuck difference was I gonna make with a guitar”

Rob Gordon – FON, WARP “My knowledge basically came from a magazine called Hobby Electronics issues 1, 2 and 3″

Sim Lister – Chakk, FON “we didn’t realise that we were in this huge machine expecting us to make them a lot of money”

Kath Mackay – Steve Mackay’s (Pulp) mum

Adi Newton – Clock DVA “huge sheets of sound that came hurtling at you, then this clank and then bang, wearing you away. That would be my idea of industrialism”

Nort – Hula “the noises where bouncing about the room and there were visuals everywhere”

DJ Parrot – Jive Turkey, FON, WARPI’m afraid we went off on one a bit really”

Russell Senior – Pulp “the day the miner’s strike started I went to NUM headquarters and volunteered”

Dave Taylor – Chakk, FON “Chakk, they were Prodigy meets the Chilli Peppers back in ’83″

DJ Winston – Jive Turkey, FON, WARP “By that time people were so ready to hear anything sonically futuristic”

Ron Wright – Hula “The eighties were kind of about destroying communities”

Interviewee Locations:

Mathilda Building: Richard Hawley
Yellow Arch Studios: Jarvis Cocker
Bok Studios: Dave Taylor
Human Studios: Nick Bax
Wicker Arches: Sim Lister and Jake Harries; Parrot and Winston
: Dee Boyle
Archipelago Galley: Ian  Anderson
Club 60: Russell Senior/Candida Doyle/Nick Banks/Nort/Ron Wright
All other interviewees’ filmed at their home/studio


A Film by Eve Wood

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