Pulp: The Beat is the Law – A film about the band Pulp's rise to mid-90's Britpop glory out of Margaret Thatcher's turbulent 80's

4,7,9.06.2012 Distrital Festival, Mexico

El ritmo es la ley: Una fanfarria para la gente común
We are excited to announce The Beat is The Law screenings at the Distrital Festival, Mexico on the 4th, 7th and 9th June 2012. Having screened twice last month in Spain, the film continues its Spanish journey across the Atlantic for its first screenings in Mexico with Spanish subtitles. Chile has also been confirmed later in the year.

Conocida coloquialmente como “el documental de Pulp”, la película de Eve Wood The Beat Is the Law – Fanfare for the Common People relata la historia de la fenomenal escena musical en Sheffield, desde el post-punk de inicios de los ochenta y la conquista global del house, llegando hasta el Britpop. Usando a Pulp como hilo conductor, la película toca también las realidades políticas y económicas que subyacen tras la música, culminando con el inesperado triunfo de Pulp en el Festival de Glastonbury, en 1995.

More info on screening locations/times at the Distrital Festival website: distrital.mx

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The Beat is the Law 80s Special

A Film by Eve Wood

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