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The Beat is The Law on Fox News in America!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Here’s a clip of Fox 9 News in Minneapolis covering the Sound Unseen Music and Film Festival. Half way through the reporter discusses The Beat Is The Law with the festival organiser.
Its interesting because despite the film being about Pulp, she really likes the socio-political aspect of the film and ends with a shot of a guy collecting money for the miners to keep them off the dole. Its a bit surreal to see Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News showing derelict steel factories, police and protesters protesting about the oppressive regime of The Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher, being beamed to homes across what is a large population in Minneapolis at breakfast time!
The film is screening tonight at 9pm, Trylon Cinema, Sound Unseen

M.A. Listens in on ‘Sound Unseen’: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

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The Beat is the Law 80s Special

A Film by Eve Wood

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